If you are more into the classic casino games, roulette is the game for you. It is one of the oldest casino games and has become a classic that we at have always seen as an enjoyable option. A classic game of chance, roulette can be played both online or in a physical casino. Along with black jack and slots, roulette is one of the most played casino games of all time and has been around for many, many years.

Roulette is very simple in structure and you have a good chance of winning against the house. The casinos that offer Roulette are listed on this page. If you participate in any of their bonus offers, you get the opportunity to play for large amounts of money, even with small bets. If you’re seeking low stakes with a high pay-off, Roulette could be the game for you. Many online casinos offer classic Roulette providing an exciting visual theme. However, you can also join Live sessions where you can see the dealer through a webcam, giving you a more authentic feeling of being in a real casino, as you sit and interact with players around the world. This can give you a good example of how a real casino operates and can give you some necessary experience you need if you’re planning a trip to Vegas.

It’s also easy to play Roulette on your mobile phone. Today many casinos have a mobile friendly version which makes it very easy to play at home or on the go.

What is Roulette

A Roulette table consists of two parts: the rotating wheel, and the betting board. The face of the wheel is split into 37 equally divided segments, labelled from 0 to 36, in a colour scheme alternating between red and black (with the exception of 0 which is the only green segment on the wheel). Players place bets with regards to colour, number or both. When all bets have been placed, the wheel is spun and a ball dropped onto its surface, until both come to a stop. The segment which the ball lands on is declared the winner. All players place bets onto the betting board however they please. You can bet on odd numbers, even numbers, red segments or black segments, and reap your rewards if your selected group won. You can also place bets on one, two, three or more numbers at once, which usually has the highest pay-off as Roulette is naturally a game of chance. Unlike most other Casino games, though, Roulette gives you an opportunity to double your stake with a 50% chance of winning!

There are two types of roulette. The French, as we are accustomed to, and the American. What distinguishes them is that the American version has a double zero, which changes the game’s odds somewhat. However, it is the French version that has become the most popular and the one that most online casinos have chosen to focus on.

Live Casino

As we all know already online and mobile casino is a very popular way of bet today without going to the real land based casinos. For many people who dont live in either in Las Vegas or Macao etc where you can easy access land based casinos just around the corner the only possibility to play casino games is by doing it over the web either on your desktop, laptop, mobile or your tablet. The online casinos are developing themselves every day to give their players the best interface and experience. The competition is very very hard and the online and mobile casinos must be on the front at all time.

Live Casino is one of the new ways that the online and mobile casinos are offering their clients to give them a live experience.

On a Live Casino you got a real dealer in front of you who greats you on your screen to make you feel comfortable. You can type messages to the dealer and they will reply back. You will see the dealer shuffle the cards when playing Black Jack or Poker or you will see the ball spinning when you play Roulette or see the dices been thrown when you play Baccarat.

Live Casinos is not based on complicated algorithms like a normal online table game is. Live Casino its all the same as land based casino is and you got almost the warm and welcome feeling which you get on a land based casino.

There is several gaming studios who provides Live Casinos and we gonna take a closer look at them and what they offers.

EVOLUTION GAMING is a well recognized gaming studio on the online gaming market. Evolution Gaming was one of the first gaming studios to focus on Live Casino and is one of the top tear Live Casino providers today with very advanced technology.

Evolution Gaming offers a large variety of Live Casinos for its clients. Evolution Gaming offers the online casinos and its players Live Black Jack, Different types of Live Roulette which makes the Roulette more fun to play such as Evolution Lightning Roulette which is a unique extended Roulette game that is sure to light up the Live Casino experience for Evolution licensees and their players. All the usual Roulette bets are there — and much more.

In Lightning Roulette, every game round also features 1–5 randomly generated lucky numbers. Better still, randomly generated lucky payouts of between 50:1 and 500:1 are paid for Straight Up bets placed on each round’s lucky numbers. The game setting and UI are equally electrifying. Lightning bolts and sound effects add to the tension, setting the scene for a thrilling Live Roulette experience.

Evolution Gaming also provides a selection of Live Baccarat and Live Poker. They offers Texas Hold Em, Caribbean Stud Poker as well as Live Three Cards Poker.

Other gaming studios which provides a good Live casino is NETENT. NETENT has been around the block for a long time and has focused more on Slots and Video Slots. NETENT has put a lot of efforts to develop NETENT LIVE for its clients which is a nice and welcoming Live Casino. NETENT LIVE offers three different variety of Live Casinos at the moment. NETENT LIVE ROULETTE, NETENT LIVE BLACK JACK and NETENT LIVE COMMON DRAW BLACK JACK.

So which Online Casinos provides the best Live Casinos on the web. ROYAL PANDA offers Live Casino provided by EVOLUTION GAMING and you can play ROYAL PANDA LIVE ROULETTE, IMMERSIVE ROULETTE, LONDON ROULETTE and even other different types of Live Roulette. ROYAL PANDA also offers ROYAL PANDA LIVE BLACK JACK as well ROYAL PANDA BLACK JACK VIP for those who are frequent players. Also they offers ROYAL PANDA LIVE BACCARAT and LIVE BACCARAT SQUEEZE and if your a poker player you can play LIVE ULTIMATE TEXAS HOLD’ EM, LIVE THREE CARD POKER or LIVE CARIBBEAN STUD POKER. Try it out today and get your Live Casino experience at ROYAL PANDA.

Another Casino is GOLIATH CASINO who also offers Live Casino provided by EVOLUTION GAMING. You can play LIVE BLACK JACK, LIVE ROULETTE AND IMMERSIVE ROULETTE and LIVE BACCARAT or if you feel like it try GOLIATH CASINO LIVE ROULETTE SQUEEZE. A bonus is the pretty dealers who always welcome you and make you feel like your in a real land based casino.

One of the larger Online Casinos out there COMEON! Has probably one of the best Live Casino’s out there today with Live Casinos provided be EVOLUTION GAMING AND EXTREME LIVE GAMING who belongs to NOVOMATIC GROUP. You have a wide selection of different Live Casino games such as EVOLUTION LIVE BLACK JACK, EVOLUTION LIVE ROULETTE, SPEED ROULETTE, ULTIMATE TEXAS HOLD’EM or from EXTREME LIVE GAMING you can try EXTREME LIVE BLACK JACK, EXTREME VIP LIVE BLACK JACK, EXTREME LIVE ROULETTE and EXTREME LIVE BACCARAT. COMEON! Also offers CARIBBEAN STUD and LIVE THREE CARDS POKER. To get a real Live experience we recommend you as a player to try it out today.

The conclusion of Live Casino’s is better, more fun, a real time live experience and you feel more alive while you play.

We at CasinoVille and Sheriff Jack recommend you all to try Live Casino to experience something new and refreshing which will for sure raise your passion for online gaming.